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The ongoing impact of Covid-19

The impact of Covid-19 in Uganda is taking a toll on persons with disabilities (PWDs) in rural west Uganda. There are now over 700 cases of Covid-19 country wide with no recorded deaths reported according to the Ugandan Ministry of Health. According to our sources on the ground, these numbers are unlikely to be accurate due to limited testing and reporting ability. The impact of social isolation, particularly on PWDs, is making it very hard for them to work and receive income. The threat of hunger is real, especially with most supply chains in the region being affected.

Bwambale Robert, a member of the CanUgan intermediary team in Kasese, has stated that fears have increased for persons with disabilities because they cannot move by themselves and are finding it hard to hire a person to move them due to social distancing rules. He also added that some PWDs who had businesses to help them survive such as shoe repairing, tailoring, and photocopying services were stopped from operating. Now these people are at home stranded. Lack of food items in homes has also affected PWDs. They eat only one meal a day and this has lowered their immunity.

This global pandemic reminds us that we are all a part of a global family. At CanUgan we want to cushion the hardship caused by the pandemic on persons with disabilities; a vulnerable population managing more than their share of personal challenges. The need for donations is particularly high right now, and meeting the most basic of needs for people living with disabilities in Kasese is an ongoing challenge. Please consider making a donation today and helping CanUgan support those in need.

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