Transforming lives with the gift of mobility

For the disabled, an assistive device enables self-reliance and dignity.

Your donation will change lives!

CanUgan’s assistive devices have provided disabled adults the opportunity for renewed social inter-action and the means to earn a livelihood. For disabled children, it is the opportunity to return to school and obtain an education. Go to our Donation page to see what locally manufactured assistive devices can be provided.

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Step 1

Click on the Donate button or go to the Donate page to see the various assistive devices that your donation will purchase.

Step 2

The Donate buttons are linked to our partner Canada Helps who provide a safe and secure link for you to donate. You can donate with your credit card and Paypal. We are also happy to accept cheques mailed to our address at the bottom of the page.

Step 3

Your donation is tax deductible. Canada Helps will e-mail you a tax receipt immediately after your donation is processed. For large donations, legacy arrangements, to donate by cheque, or other donation inquiries please fill out our contact form to allow for issuance of a tax receipt.

Step 4

Whether donating through Canada Helps or by cheque, all Information concerning your payment is secure and absolutely confidential. We do not share donor information with any other charities.

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