Meet Our Recipients


Margaret is 44 years old and lives in the Karambi sub-county of Kasese district in Western Uganda.

She cannot walk because of polio. But this disability has not stopped her from running her own stall in the village market to make a living and to provide for the education of her two daughters.  Her husband has left her. So she works alone seven days a week selling bananas, potatoes, ground nuts, maize and any other fruits and vegetables she can get hold of.

CanUgan gave her a tricycle to help her get around independently.  At seven o’clock every morning, she rides her tricycle to fetch fresh produce from the truck that arrives from the city. Then single-handedly she manages her stall until the market closes in the evening.  Her daughters help her when they are not at school, but otherwise she does it all on her own. She is indeed a role model for others with disabilities.