Meet Our Recipients

Kisembo Herizon

Thirty-five-year-old Kisembo Herizon lives in Kasinga village in Kilembe, a sub-county in Kasese District. He lives with his wife and four school-age children. His only source of income was catching fish in nearby Lake George and selling it in the village market.

Beginning late last year, his lower legs began swelling and itching. Not able to afford medical treatment and thinking that the problem would go away, he did nothing about it. But when his feet started turning dark and the swelling and itching increased, he went to the Buhinga Hospital in Fort Portal, about two hours by bus from Kasese. The doctors determined that Kiesmbo had been infected by a virus and, in order to save his life, they had to amputate his lower legs.

Along with losing the use of his lower limbs, Kisembo also lost his livelihood. His wife pitched in, but with four children and Kisembo to look after, she could not pay much attention to fishing. Last year, Kisembo received a hand-pedaled tricycle from CanUgan, through KADUPEDI in Uganda.  Now with the help of his tricycle, Kisembo has regained mobility and his ability to carry on his business. With his new-found independence, he is an example of how CanUgan makes a difference in people‚Äôs lives.