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Economic Empowerment Beyond Assistive Devices

CauUgan’s main focus has been the provision of assistive devices for persons with disabilities (PWD). There is also a need for vocational training, financial support for PWD small businesses that includes micro-loans, help with the provision of tools, equipment and raw materials, and support for PWD farmers through the provisioning of livestock and seed.

Rachel is typical of entrepreneurial CanUgan recipients who not only is an active  Kadupedi board member but also the operator of an outdoor weaving operation. She has 2 manual weaving machines and she trains other disabled persons in the use of the machines. She specializes in school outfits with logos and lettering. Rachel currently can’t afford the rent for an indoor shop and could use help to purchase more weaving machines to train others and generate enough income to rent an indoor shop..

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The Rwenzori Landmine Survivors were formed on the initiative of victims of landmines. Milton (chair) and Ahab (coordinator) pictured below with banana fibre which is sold as a raw material to make rope and furniture. The group was formed to address the needs of mainly civilian rural victims of landmines deployed during various internal Ugandan conflicts. Their mandate is to provide skills training in tailoring, carpentry, shoe repair etc. CanUgan provides their clients with assistive devices however they have a need for additional carpentry tools (bench saw) and a machine to process the banana fibre so that they can make and sell value added furniture products.

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