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CanUgan’s Two-in-One Project

he Two-in-One is a hand operated tricycle that can be converted into a wheelchair by the end user. This project is the result of an ongoing collaboration between CanUgan Disability Support, the School of Industrial Design at Carleton University and the Promobilia Foundation who provided funding. More importantly it involved a participatory design process with project partners in Uganda including CanUgan’s partner, the Kasese District Union for People with Disability (KADUPEDI) and the Katalemwa Cheshire Homes rehabilitation hospital in Kampala.

This collaborative methodology involved the design and development of 4 prototypes and engaged stakeholders throughout the project in such a way that the end result is the outcome of designing with, rather than for end users. By giving the end users a voice, the Two-in-One is more respectful of issues and problems faced by persons with disabilities. 

In addition, by working in partnership with local manufacturers such as CanUgan’s partner, Fridays metal fabrication workshop and the Katelemwa rehab workshop, the Two-in-One project has developed a product that can be economically produced and repaired in rural locales using readily available materials and tools and providing business for the local economy. 

The primary advantage of the Two-in-One is to allow persons with disabilities to travel long distances as a tricycle and then convert it to a wheelchair once they reach their destination. This is important for people who go to work and especially for children who go to school who also need a wheelchair for indoor mobility. Also, in addition to lower costs due to local materials and labour, the overall cost is lower than having to buy a wheelchair plus a tricycle. 

Although CanUgan’s main focus is the provisioning of assistive devices to persons with disabilities, the Two-in-One distinguishes CanUgan as an organization that through its involvement with a local university, international funding agencies and Ugandan recipients, it has developed a unique product  

Please consider a donation to continue this kind of collaborative work or to fund the purchase of one of these innovative devices. 

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