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Rwenzari Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities (RAP-CD) School in Kasese

The RAP-CD school was founded in 2007 by parents of children with disabilities in order to provide accommodation and an education to disabled children who are unable to attend regular school. CanUgan provides a variety of assistive devices to the school children; however, administrators and teachers have identified the following as additional pressing needs:

  • Braille machines, braille paper and more white canes
  • Wheelchairs
  • Vocational training beyond elementary school since 80% of their graduates remain unemployed. They have a proposal for a building on campus that would provide training in carpentry, mechanics, sewing, hairdressing 
  • Scholarships for University for applicable students
  • Books, school supplies
  • An innovative proposal is to provide rural parents with livestock, seed etc. to allow them to earn tuition for their children.

Please consider a donation to CanUgan to aid this worthy cause.

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