Meet Our Recipients

Bwambale Edgarft

Bwambale Edgar is 21 years old and lives with his parents and five siblings in the Ibanda village of the Bugoye sub-county in Kasese. In 2011 he became paralysed from waist down, which made him completely immobile.

CanUgan, through KADUPEDI, our Uganda partner, gave him a tricycle with an attached solar panel. This now allowed him to go to school by himself. As well, he earns an income by charging mobile phone for his neighbours using the attached solar panels on his tricycle.

For each mobile phone being charged, he is paid 300 Uganda shillings. By charging three phones a day for three days a week he makes 2,700 shillings every week. This income helps him pay for school fees and other expenses.  Now he no longer needs to depend on his father who runs a small grocery store in the village.