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Join us for The Great Canadian Giving Challenge – June 2020

Dear Friends,

I need your help….again!

Last year I became President of CanUgan Disability Support, a small NGO founded in 2010, which provides assistive devices (crutches, canes, wheelchairs, tricycles etc) to persons with disabilities (PWDs) who live in villages in rural west Uganda (Kasese District).

Because of your support last year, we raised $9,300 during the Great Canadian Giving Challenge (GCGC); our best on-line fundraising appeal to date. This year, every $1 donated automatically enters the charity (in this case CanUgan) a chance to win a $20,000 donation. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

At CanUgan we are all volunteers, who work closely with a team on the ground in Kasese Uganda that reaches out to PWDs in need. Three months ago, CanUgan board member Rick Morello travelled to Uganda for a site visit. He met our team there and many PWDs, who were so thankful and appreciative of the support from CanUgan. He documented his observations and recommendations in a 29 page report which will help guide our future planning.

Rick heard loud and clear that PWDs desperately want economic independence and becoming mobile can help make that happen. When I travelled to Uganda a year ago I came to realize that CanUgan is so much more than a registered Canadian charity; it is also an engine for local economic development for a very vulnerable community in Africa.

As we all know, right now we are living through a worldwide pandemic. The full impact of covid 19 in Uganda has yet to be realized. The immediate effect of a shuttered economy however is resulting in many people not having enough money to buy food. And, if that is not bad enough, a flood has recently occurred in Kasese resulting in a local hospital being completely destroyed. These are trying and anxious times for sure. And of course the most vulnerable, such as persons with disabilities, will bear the greatest burden.

So this year your support is needed more than ever.

Almost all of funds raised pay for canes, crutches, wheelchairs and other assistive devices. A charitable tax receipt is generated when the donation is made.

To make an on-line donation click on the following link:

Donors can also send a cheque by mail to CanUgan Disability Support, 61 Smirle Ave Ottawa ON K1Y 0S2


Jack McCarthy


CanUgan Disability Support

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