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#GiveALittle this holiday season!

As we near the end of 2020, COVID-19 continues to impact us all – but especially people with disabilities. This holiday season, #GiveALittle to make a big impact for a special person living with a disability in Uganda.

There are many reasons to give! Whether you choose to give so that someone can move around independently, to boost self-confidence, or to build community capacity for persons with disabilities in Uganda – there is joy in giving.

Include the gift of mobility in your holiday shopping this season. You’ll receive a special e-card confirming your holiday gift when you donate any of these items: 

Cane 35$

Crutches 70$

Calipers 115$

Surgical Boots and Raised Shoes 130$

Hand-Pedaled Tricycle 250$

So, will you #GiveALittle this year? Donate now.

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