Mama Kaseru

Helping Hands

In December 2014, CanUgan arranged for prosthetic hands for those who have lost their forearms.  At the celebration of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 6, CanUgan, with the help of our local intermediary, KADUPEDI, provided these prosthetic hands to a number of people.

Mama Kaseru

Mama Kaseru is 51 and she lives in the Kisanga Village in the Central Division of Kasese Municipal Council. She is a single mother and has six children, all dependant on her. She runs a local restaurant in the suburb of Kasese to support her family. In March of last year she lost her left palm trying to stop a violent fight and, as a result, she had to hire others to run her restaurant.  Now with her prosthetic hand, she is able to resume some of the tasks she did before, and she is very happy that this has helped to reduce her labour costs.

Other Recipients

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