Bwambale Alone

47-year old Bwambale Alone was on his way from Kasese in Western Uganda to Kampala, the capital, by bus on Thursday, April 26th. Shortly after 1 a.m., the bus overturned in the middle of the road. The accident completely crushed Alone’s right arm and the doctors had no other option but to amputate it. He was already mobility-impaired before the accident, and now with his right arm gone, he has been completely crippled.

Alone, pronounced as Aalone, has been a teacher of Geography and History in the local school. He spent most of his time outside school hours on the work of Kasese District Union of Persons with Disabilities (KADUPEDI). He has been serving the organization as General Secretary for over 15 years. His fateful trip to Kampala was also on union business.

With his friendly smile and warm greetings, Alone undertook any and all kinds of tasks on behalf of the disabled community whenever he was asked. He always spoke his mind; and, whether others agreed with him or not, they respected his honesty.

Alone’s paltry salary as a teacher was the main source of family’s income. This was supplemented only minimally by earning from a rented property. But, combined, these sources barely sustained his large family.

Now with his lost right arm and the pre-existing mobility-impairment, it is not likely that Alone will be able to continue teaching. The loss of his salary will place the family in an extremely precarious situation in meeting their daily needs in addition to paying for medical bills which keep piling up. Under the circumstances, it is also doubtful whether his children will be able to continue their studies.

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