My name is Boneconsilata a female adult aged 38, with physical disabilities (crippled) I come from Katooke village, Nyamwamba Division –Kasese District.

I received a tricycle this year in January 2011 from KADUPEDI , but before I got this tricycle I was confined at home and I could not help myself to go to church, markets, visiting my relative and also going to the toilet, all the time I needed help from someone to lift me. Therefore I did not have privacy yet it’s a human right. Am now a happy lady after receiving the tricycle which has enabled me to do what I used to miss. Immediately after getting the tricycle I joined a women’s group which lends money to people, here I acquired a loan of 100,000=( one hundred thousand shillings). I started the petty business of coffee buying and selling. The means of transport that I use is my tricycle given by CanUgan Project of Ottawa- Canada through KADUPEDI. This has boosted my livelihood and being able to contribute towards the wellbeing of my family and among other social services I used to miss going to church, visiting my relatives and most important having a livelihood for self sustainability where by now am able to buy and sell raw coffee from the villages around my home and sell it to the market using my tricycle.

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